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How Many Tequila Shots Before I Get Drunk?

How Many Tequila Shots Before I Get Drunk?

Do you still remember how many shots of tequila you had before dancing on the bar floor? Those probably were one of the funniest scenes in your life, but you can’t remember that because you were totally sloshed out. This only means that this alcoholic […]

How Many Beers Before I Get Drunk?

How Many Beers Before I Get Drunk?

Friday is approaching and that means people are having plans for a night out to grab some bottles of beer. This alcoholic beverage provides some health benefits, yet you need to drink moderately to avoid getting drunk. Basically, people have different reactions to beer, meaning […]

What Causes Drunk Driving

What Causes Drunk Driving

In the United States, motor vehicle crashes due to drunk driving is one of the main causes of death among individuals ages 15 to 25 years. Sadly, this thing still happens, despite the strict traffic rules, warnings, and regulations imposed to prevent it from happening.

If we look into the medical side, you’ll be arrested for DUI when your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reaches 0.08% or higher. Generally, the higher your BAC, the more fatal the car crash.

Without a doubt, you need to control your drinks when you’re attending any occasion where drinks are inevitably available. In line with this, let’s find out the reasons why people drink and drive.

Possible Reasons for Drunk Driving

Occasionally, your choice of whether to drink or not starts from the time you’re still thinking of going to the event or not. However, there are other factors in play, which influence your decision to drink and drive.

Here are the eight reasons why people drink and still drive:

1. Social Environmental Influences (33%)

Drunk Driving CausesMost people who were arrested for DUI or are driving under the influence of alcohol said they were moved to drink more because of their friends, relatives, and workmates.

On any occasion where you have those people that are close to your heart and life, you will be easily moved to drink more if they asked you to do so. During birthdays, anniversaries, or company parties, it’s your colleagues and friends who usually persuade you to take more shots, without thinking that you’re driving home.

2. Personal (21%)

Your personal interests and wants to relax, unwind, or get wasted is the second strongest reason why you get drunk at any events.

For instance, you have the free will to decide whether to attend your friend’s party or not, yet you still decided to go because you have the personal intention to relax and jam with them. Eventually, you will be driving home under the influence of alcohol.

3. Occasion (15%)

DUIIn a year, how many occasions do you attend and how many of them don’t involve drinking?

Practically, you have plenty of occasions to go to like birthdays, stag parties, or a celebration for your promotion at work.

Unfortunately, all these events usually have some drinks on the table and it’s up to you to control your consumption. Having said that, we understand that you often have that mentality, “we’re just doing it today, so why not enjoy”, right?

If you accept that idea, then you’re at risk of binge drinking or heavy drinking, which eventually leads to drunk driving, especially when you’ll be driving yourself home.

4. Normal Behavior (9%)

Well, if it’s part of your personality to drink like three to five glasses of distilled spirit or fermented drink, then you’re at risk of drunk driving. Basically, there are various categories of drinkers, like you can be a binge drinker, heavy drinker, occasional, or a weekend drinker.

Regardless of what category you’re under, there’s no doubt that you’re prone to drinking a lot when there’s an unlimited supply of drinks. This is a sad thing, which needs to be addressed promptly, or else it can develop into an alcohol use disorder.

5. Previous Plans (8%)

For instance, you had a previous plan to drink last Sunday but you weren’t able to do so, because you have to finish some paperwork or running an errand for your home.

Suddenly, your best friend is in town and he invited you to grab a couple of drinks in a pub nearby. Without a doubt, you would accept this invitation since you had a previous plan of drinking, and this opportunity provided an avenue for you to do it.

6. Responsibility (6%)

There are also instances when you are forced to drive the car even when you’re drunk, simply because no one else has a driver’s license except you. Therefore, if you’re planning to go to a party with your friends, and the designated driver is you, then you’d have to hire or ask someone else to take your place in advance.

By doing that, you’re freeing yourself from doing drunk driving and avoiding any car accidents that can harm everyone.

7. Emotional (4%)

For instance, you got terminated from your 5-year job and you got so depressed and mad about it. You decided to drive to your nearest pub to grab a couple of drinks to ease your frustrations.

You could get drunk since your emotion is firing your actions to consume more alcohol, thinking it can ease away your frustration and sadness. If you’re all alone drinking, then you have no choice but to drive yourself home.

8. Economics (3%)

Most drinkers usually have an above-average salary since they can afford to buy drinks and still have sufficient cash for their mortgages and basic needs. This is the least factor contributing to drunk driving because most professionals with high income are well aware of the detrimental effects of alcohol.

When Do You Get Drunk?

Drunk DrivingBasically, every individual has their respective limits for drinking since we all have different ages, weight, sex, alcohol tolerance, and overall health condition. Having said that, you need to determine your drinking limitations to avoid getting drunk.

Anyhow, to be safe, you can always stick to the standard drinking volume suggested by medical experts and nutritionists. A standard drink is equivalent to 12 fluid ounces of 5% beer or 5 fluid ounces of 12% wine. This is also equivalent when you drink 8 to 9 fl. oz. 7% malt liquor or 1.5 fl. oz. of distilled spirit.

Furthermore, you can quickly realize that you’re drunk when you feel tipsy, and you can no longer walk straight in an upright position.

Having Problems with Your Alcohol Consumption?

Oftentimes, people who are usually caught drunk driving have uncontrolled alcohol consumption. If you are experiencing this dilemma, then it’s best if you seek medical help from an addiction specialist or counselor regarding your alcohol use disorder.

Also, you can already search for a nearby trusted rehab facility where you can inquire about their alcohol treatment program. These medical professionals have the complete equipment, training, and experience to help you recover from this unhealthy behavior.

Remember that you’re never alone in this fight, and you can always lean on these professionals for help.

How To Treat Klonopin Addiction

How To Treat Klonopin Addiction

Klonopin, also known by its generic name Clonazepam, has a proven benefit for treating anxiety, panic disorders, and insomnia. It’s under the benzodiazepine drug class, where its medicinal benefits last long in your system. Once it dissolves in your blood, it will target the GABA […]

Is Meth Illegal?

Is Meth Illegal?

Meth is the commonly known name for the highly addictive drug methamphetamine. It is also referred to as crystal meth when it is in the form of crystals. The drug can also be in powder form. In very small amounts, meth can be used to […]

Is Adderall Illegal?

Is Adderall Illegal?

Possessing Adderall is never a problem as long as you have the prescription for it. Considering the high prevalence of abusing this prescription stimulant, there is a stricter means of regulating its possession and distribution in the community.

If you or any of your family members are addicted to this drug, it is best to consult with a doctor or addiction specialist as early as possible. With that, you are reducing the risk of its side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

Read further to learn more about the legal and illegal matters of this stimulant, and what are the legal implications for unlawfully possessing it.

Adderall Basic Information

It is a prescription drug made of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, so it is classified as a schedule II controlled substance by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). It is medically used for treating people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and sleeping disorder during the daytime (narcolepsy).

Its general impact will be helping you focus on your current activities while giving you a boost in performance. This effect is the one sought after by the abusers of this prescription drug.

What Are Schedule II Controlled Substances?

Prescription medicines and other substances under this tier are shown to have a high risk of abuse, which can lead to serious health consequences, mental, and behavioral disorders.

Some examples of prescription medicines under this classification include Adderall, Dexedrine, Desoxyn, and Ritalin. All these medicines have contents of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, which both target the brain.

When Is Adderall illegal?

AdderallWhen you purchase this drug without a prescription or outside your prescription bottle, then it is illegal. Besides that, there are other cases where possession or distribution of this prescription stimulant is found unlawful:

  • When you do “doctor shopping” or get many prescriptions from various doctors, you will have ample supplies of this drug.
  • Using other patient’s prescription to purchase the drug
  • Creating fake prescriptions to obtain this medicine
  • Illegally buying this drug in the streets

Legal Consequences for Illegal Possession or Distribution of Adderall

When you are caught for the first time of illegal possession of this prescription stimulant, you will be facing a misdemeanor where your corresponding legal obligation is one year state imprisonment and/or a fine of $1,000.

If you are caught again for the second time, then there’s a possibility that you will be charged with a felony with a higher legal obligation in court. Furthermore, here are some corresponding legal consequences for unlawful possession or distribution of this prescription drug.

  • AdderallLess than 1 gram

You will be charged with a felony with corresponding state imprisonment of 180 days to 2 years and a fine of $10,000 at a maximum.

  • 1 to 4 grams

This is a third-tier felony offense with two to ten years imprisonment in state prison and a maximum fine of $10,000.

  • 4 to 400 grams

This is a second-tier felony offense with a legal obligation of two to twenty years imprisonment in state prison and a maximum fine of $10,000.

  • More than 400 grams of Adderall

You will be charged with a first-degree felony offense with a corresponding legal obligation of five to ninety-nine years of state imprisonment and a maximum fine of $50,000.

How To Avoid Legal Implications?

For you to avoid being charged with a misdemeanor or felony for Adderall abuse, then you must possess it using a non-expired and legit prescription. Likewise, always keep your medicine inside your prescription bottle, as it will be charged illegal when it’s stored outside the bottle.

What Are the Causes For You To Abuse Adderall?

Self-medication is one of the major reasons why you and other people are misusing this prescription drug. With that, you need to strictly abide by your prescription. Besides that, here are other reasons why people abuse this substance.

  • For getting a high
  • Pressure from friends
  • To boost one’s performance in preparing for an exam or finishing a school work
  • To boost alertness and energy for the athletes

Signs that You Are Addicted to Adderall

For the addict, it will be difficult for them to accept or realize that they are addicted to the substance because they have the mindset of just using it for medication. Consequently, you need to perform an intervention to help your friend or family member understand their addiction problem.

Here are some notable telltales that a person is an addict to Adderall:

  • Uncontrolled craving for the drug
  • The propensity to consume more than what is prescribed
  • Getting prescriptions from various doctors
  • Stealing other’s prescription bottle to purchase the drug
  • Using alcohol and other illicit substances while medicating with Adderall

Expected Withdrawal Symptoms from Adderall Abuse

Once you or your loved one starts cutting down on your Adderall usage, you will feel these withdrawal symptoms that can cause discomfort. Typically, the severity of pain will depend on how long you have abused this stimulant.

Here are the usual withdrawal symptoms of Adderall addiction:

  • Feeling agitated
  • Dizziness and confusion
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Tremors
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • The mouth seems to dry up
  • Unhealthy thoughts of suicide
  • High blood pressure

Options for Treating Adderall Abuse

When you or your addict family member enrolls into treatment, you have two main choices: inpatient and outpatient recovery plan. For you to determine which one is best, you need to consult with an addiction specialist or doctor.

They will assess your overall condition so that they can gauge the severity of your addiction. After that, they will tell you about the treatments suitable for your needs.

AdderallHere is the standard flow of treatment:

  1. Consultation and assessment
  2. Detoxification
  3. Medication and Behavioral therapies
  4. Assessment of progress
  5. Aftercare program

Seek Medical Treatment As Early As Possible

Substance use disorder is a serious matter which needs the urgent attention of an addiction specialist or doctor. They can give you a customized treatment plan that matches your needs and finances.

If you have a moderate to severe Adderall addiction, then going for an inpatient rehab program is best. You will have an around clock medical supervision and treatment from licensed, trained, and bonded medical staff.

Get help as early as today.

Can I Have Addiction Treatment At Home?

Can I Have Addiction Treatment At Home?

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