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Symptoms I Need Gabapentin Rehab

Symptoms I Need Gabapentin Rehab

Going into treatment is a challenging route that not all are willing to take. We understand that people will have anxiety about rehab, yet educating oneself is the best way to overcome it.

How will you know if you need to go into rehab? Knowing the signs of Gabapentin addiction is the best way for you to know you need to go into treatment. Once you figure them out, finding the best rehab center is your next step. Let’s learn more about it here.

What is Gabapentin?

This is a prescription drug used to treat seizures and relieve pain. The main component of this medicine is gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), which relaxes your brain cells.

Here are the medicinal functions of this medicine:

  • This is used to treat partial seizures in children and adults.
  • It helps relieve pain after a person has shingles.
  • If you have restless legs syndrome, you can use this drug to alleviate your condition.

What’s the Process to Know When You Need to Enroll Into Rehab?

Knowing if you need to undergo rehab can be challenging because of self-denial. For you to know if you need one, determining you have the symptoms of addiction must be done. But to ensure it’s accurate, you need to consult a doctor.

Booking a consultation with a recovery specialist is the best way to know if you need to enroll in rehab. They have the in-depth knowledge and experience to understand your condition.

After they assess your condition, they are going to give you a recommendation of what’s the best treatment program for your Gabapentin addiction.

Gabapentin Rehab

What are the Signs You Need To Enroll Into Rehab?

There are various reasons why a person misuse or abuse drugs like Gabapentin. It could be due to peer pressure, self-medication, or recreational purposes. Once you start to use them beyond your prescription, that’s the time dependence happens. If you continue to abuse it for a longer period, addiction will be next.

For you to know if your substance dependence needs to be treated inside a rehab, here are some of the common signs you need to observe:

You prioritize Gabapentin other than anything else

Once you start prioritizing the drug over other things, that’s a strong sign of addiction. For instance, if you allocate more time to thinking about the drug, and your cravings for it, that’s a warning sign of addiction.

It also tells you that enrolling in formal treatment is the best way to help you recover from drug abuse. Treating yourself at home is not feasible for this matter since that can lead to self-medication and mixing other substances into your system.

You experience negative effects on your health

Once you’re dependent on the drug, you start to consume more than what’s needed by your system. If you do that, there will be health consequences to it. Toxins will accumulate in your system since you are taking in more than what’s needed by your body.

Abusing any substance can damage both your mind and body. It will result in damage to your mental and physical health. If you let it linger for a longer period, it could lead to cancer or death.

  • Physical consequences: We can categorize the adverse health effects of the drug into mild and fatal. This depends on how long you’ve been abusing the drug, the dosage, and if you’re using other drugs other than Gabapentin.
  • Mental consequences: Excess amounts of this drug in your system can damage your brain. It disrupts the balance of the chemical hormones, which helps you stay rational. It also distorts your balanced mood, the reason why you have frequent mood swings.

There are also times when a patient is diagnosed with a co-occurring condition. This is where you have a mental disorder aside from the addiction problem present in you. If you’re diagnosed as having a dual diagnosis, you will receive a separate treatment for your co-occurring mental disorder.

One main benefit of enrolling in rehab, you get the right resources and assistance to help you treat your addiction and co-occurring mental disorder. You have a nurse or doctor to help you around the clock, in case your withdrawal symptoms are life-threatening.

Gabapentin Rehab

You consume more to feel the same effects

The first time you take the drug, you immediately feel its effects at a minimal dose. But after each time to take the drug, your system develops tolerance. For you to feel the same effects as the first time, you get to take in more. If you abuse the drug, your tolerance becomes higher, so you get to consume more to get high.

The worst part is when you use other illicit substances to intensify the euphoric sensation you get from abusing the drug. This can be alcohol or other illicit substances like methamphetamine. Once you do that, it could lead to other health problems.

You have an insatiable craving for the drug

If you have great cravings for the drug, that’s a strong sign of addiction. If it’s just dependence, your cravings are still tolerable, yet cravings from addiction are harder to control. Most people who are addicted to any substance would find a way to get a supply of them. This is where financial problems come in since they will prioritize buying the drug rather than securing their needs.

Substance abuse is ruining your life

When you’re chained to addiction, it will be hard to get out, unless you have external help. Your mental and physical health is ruined by addiction. Even your career and relationships will be destroyed once you prioritize your drug consumption. Combine all these effects, you can say that substance abuse is ruining your life. Once you experience these things, you need medical help to recover.

Seek Medical Help Today

Escaping addiction will be challenging if you’re doing it alone. It will be easier and faster if you have medical help from professionals. This is where enrolling in rehab is your safest choice. They have the proper equipment and personnel to help you recover from substance abuse.

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