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Is Heroin Rehab Free?

Is Heroin Rehab Free?

Addiction treatment can be expensive and it is for this reason that a lot of people shrug off the idea of getting themselves treated. Some even attempt to quit on their own but it only leads them back to substance use and that can be frustrating. This makes some people quit their battle against addiction.

With the increasing number of hospital admissions caused by substance abuse, the US federal government has reinforced the accessibility of treatment for drug addiction. The Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010 has greatly supported this cause by ensuring that all insurance policies now include coverage for rehab treatment.

But is heroin rehab free? Can I go to rehab without paying? Rehab can be free. However, you need to apply for certain programs to qualify for free treatment.

How Does Free Rehab Treatment Work?

Free rehab programs are available across the United States. State policies in terms of qualifications may vary so if you want to avail of this aid, you need to visit the nearest public health facility or health home in your state, or you can search online to determine the requirements for application.

Here are the different options available so that you can enjoy a free rehab treatment for your substance use disorder. Some options may not guarantee cost-free care, but at least, you can enjoy friendlier payment schemes or discounts so that you can proceed to treatment without worrying too much about the cost.

Medicaid insurance

Heroin RehabMedicaid is a federal and state-funded health insurance that offers coverage for either inpatient or outpatient care. They can provide financial assistance for drug screening and diagnosis, services included in detox and therapy sessions, as well as medications including maintenance drugs. Apply to the nearest health home in your area to enjoy this benefit.

Medicaid does not always guarantee financial aid for the full cost of the treatment. However, it can provide a huge cut in the cost, making the treatment more affordable for the beneficiary. You need to belong to the poverty threshold assigned by the state and be a US citizen or resident of the state where you wish to avail of the Medicaid benefits to qualify.

State-funded grant

State-funded grant is a free treatment that takes place in a public health facility. Qualifications needed to avail of this assistance include proof of citizenship or residency and proof of income. Oftentimes, the waiting list in this program can be too long. However, it does guarantee free treatment as soon as you qualify.

Since your treatment takes place in a public health facility, you cannot expect high-end facilities and amenities included in the package. Despite this, you can still enjoy the quality of care because the healthcare staff is trained, skilled, and competent. In 2016, almost 1.7 million people enjoyed the benefit of a state-funded grant.

Private scholarship grant

Heroin RehabA scholarship grant is offered by certain private rehab facilities. You can inquire about this system in the rehab facility where you wish to enroll. The qualifications and restrictions vary in every institution so it is best to investigate them directly from the facility itself. This is an ideal program that you can enjoy so do not hesitate to inquire as soon as possible.

There are also non-profit organizations that can help you with the cost of your treatment. For instance, 10,000 Beds has been helping a lot of people who are suffering from substance addiction by providing a scholarship grant. You can visit GrantWatch.com, or help.com to get the details of a private scholarship grant for your treatment.

Loan terms

If you cannot avail of any of the free treatment options previously mentioned, you can go for loan terms offered by private rehab institutions. This scheme financially assists individuals to go through treatment without paying the whole cost in full. Instead, they will allow you to pay in monthly terms for up to a certain length of time which you can afford.

Loan terms for rehab treatment may include interest, however, the staggered payment can still significantly help in allowing patients to worry less about the cost of their treatment. Usually, this is ideal for those who earn a certain income to pay for the treatment in specific installments.


Heroin RehabLastly, fundraising is also a great option for you to personally sustain your rehab treatment. Although it can be uncomfortable to go around people asking for financial help, if you want to get through your addiction, you can take on this matter with courage and humility just so you can get yourself treated.

The GoFundMe website is an online platform where you introduce yourself to the public and ask for donations for your cause. You can be surprised by the extreme generosity that some people can provide to those who show a genuine desire to fulfill their goals. You can also reach families and friends to help you extend awareness about your goal for fundraising.

Is Heroin Rehab Necessary?

Yes, rehab is necessary. It is the key to addressing your needs to overcome your addiction and improve the quality of your life. Thai drug is a potent substance that will catch you in the loop of addiction if you do not seek professional help. The fatal risk of a drug overdose is imminent if you prolong your substance abuse.

The consequences of addiction can cost you your life. Without proper treatment, you can suffer from serious health risks in the long run. If you attempt to quit your drug use on your own, your chances of experiencing relapse are extremely high. With heroin involved, relapse can recur in just a matter of days from your last use.

To prevent serious health complications from progressing, you should decide to get yourself treated. The number of opportunities that await you is countless as soon as you take the chance of getting a rehab treatment. Treatment can be expensive, and you need extra effort to enjoy a huge discount, but all these sacrifices will be worth it once you get well.

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