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How To Do Marijuana Detox Safely

The safest way to detox marijuana is to ensure that it is medically supervised. While the withdrawal symptoms brought by the absence of the drug may not be fatal, conditions may still cause serious distress among patients.

Detox does not necessarily have to be performed in a rehab center especially when you have not experienced any of the following:

  • You have attempted to detox and experienced relapse.
  • You have engaged in polysubstance abuse.
  • You have a pre-existing health illness – either physical or mental.

Although it is possible to safely detox at home, the aid of a medical expert is still necessary.

Detoxing marijuana all on your own can be extremely challenging especially when no one can look after you. Pursuing it will only lead to an unsuccessful attempt, and if multiple failed attempts have been done, the outcomes could be too risky for your health.

How To Detox Safely At Home

When you choose to detox at home, make sure you have enough company to assist you in the process. Apart from aiding you in any discomfort, they have to also prevent you from gaining access to the substance.

Even the slightest amount of doses during a period of withdrawal can already trigger a relapse. And this is tempting especially when you want to relieve your pain or when your cravings just become too intense.

Here are some of the things you can do to safely detox at home.

Keep in touch with your doctor

Marijuana DetoxDoctors supervising your treatment even at home guarantee safety. Their role is to create you a  taper schedule, prescribe you medicines, lead you to therapies, and overall, monitor your progress.

The challenges of withdrawal are unpredictable. If you experience dehydration or psychosis during detox at home, you better go for an emergency admission since these are indications of a serious case.

Your doctor can also be very valuable when you experience anxiety or depression. Teletherapy, a system that allows you to talk to a therapist online, can be helpful to aid you with any mental health problem that occurs while at home.

Follow your taper schedule

Tapering off your doses is the key to limiting the severity of your withdrawal. It also helps in controlling your cravings.

While physical symptoms may persist for up to two weeks, the psychological symptoms can last longer.

Since there are no FDA-approved medications for marijuana withdrawal, following a taper schedule would be of great help.

It is also important to couple the tapering with the rest of the suggested steps to boost your disposition.

Store enough medications for your potential needs

There are over-the-counter drugs you can take for specific symptoms such as headache and nausea. You can store some at home so that when the need comes in, you can use one right away.

However, some medications require a prescription such as antidepressants. Make sure to have enough supplies at home.

Detox in a rehab center brings you the advantage of not worrying about running out of medicines. At home, this can be a major problem unless someone can run quickly and get you your meds.

Eat healthily

Marijuana DetoxEating vegetables and fruits can help boost your physical disposition during withdrawal. This is highly beneficial to your body which could be going through a lot. It helps in coping with extreme exhaustion by providing you with energy.

Keep in mind that eating could be a challenge during withdrawal since most people lose their appetite in the process. Despite this, do your best to nourish yourself since food is a source of nutrients. Also, avoid food with high sugar content.

It is also important for you to reduce your caffeine intake during detox since it can stimulate the body and prevent you from getting a night of good sleep. This is also recommended to avoid panic attacks from getting worse.

Stay hydrated.

Stay hydrated by ensuring that you are drinking enough water every day. You have to increase your fluids especially when you experience vomiting.

The risk of dehydration is very high during withdrawal, and this could be fatal. The following are signs that a person is dehydrated:

  • Dizziness and headache
  • Dry mouth and eyes
  • Peeing less than 4 times a day
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • High blood pressure

When any of these symptoms persist, patients must be brought to an emergency admission right away.


Marijuana DetoxExercise is proven to increase the level of healthy hormones in the body and it can bring you a lot of benefits during detox. However, you have to do it with caution since your body is still in the phase of recovery.

Light exercises such as brisk walking or jogging are the most common ones to do. Yoga can also be very meaningful while other exercises include biking and swimming. In case you experience dizziness or feel sick while exercising, take a break and consult your doctor about the matter.

Exercise can greatly help you from recovering from fatigue and allow you to enjoy a good quality sleep. It also boosts your mood and builds your immunity against any illness.

One study has shown a correlation between exercise and reduced substance abuse, so it may be likely that it can help you fight off cravings. However, further research is still necessary to prove this point.

Take hot baths

You can relieve your headache or muscular pain through hot baths. Experts stress how it can boost the body’s lymphatic flow which results in healthy circulation of blood in the body and reduced inflammation in certain areas.

Detox in a Rehab Center

While detox at home can be safe, it is not a good option for everybody. With a severe level of addiction, patients must consider their detox in a rehab center.

Under rehab care, you can enjoy full medical support and at the same time, there is no way for you to access marijuana and other addictive substances. It guarantees a safe and effective treatment that is free from tendencies for relapse.

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