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How Many Tequila Shots Before I Get Drunk?

How Many Tequila Shots Before I Get Drunk?

Do you still remember how many shots of tequila you had before dancing on the bar floor? Those probably were one of the funniest scenes in your life, but you can’t remember that because you were totally sloshed out.

This only means that this alcoholic drink has the strength to totally knock you out, yet it’ll also depend on your tolerance. Let’s find out how many tequila shots it takes for you or anyone to get tipsy.

So How Many Tequila Shots Does It Really Take for You To Get Tipsy?

TequilaTechnically, there’s no simple answer to that since it’s basically relevant to a person’s physique and tolerance to alcohol. Age and gender also matter, where younger people have a higher tolerance than older ones due to the former’s fast metabolism.

However, let’s still try to get an approximate answer to that. A 100 to 150 pound individual usually starts to feel drunk after having two to three tequila shots. Whereas for 150-200 lbs and 200-250 lbs, they reach drunkenness after taking 4-5 and 6-7 tequila shots, respectively.

How Much Is Too Much?

Everyone always has their limitations in terms of food and especially alcohol. So you need to know how much is too much and risky for your health already.

When you drink fast and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) quickly reaches 0.45%, then that’s dangerous to your health. This is equivalent to 14 and 12 tequila shots for a 120-lb man and woman, respectively.

Will Tequila Get You Drunk Faster than Vodka?

Generally, vodka has a higher alcohol content than tequila, so if you drink more of the former, then it can surely smash you faster than tequila shots.

In terms of hungover, tequila is worse since it has more sugar and congeners. Either way, both beverages are strong and it gives you a bad headache in the morning.

Do You Consider Tequila As A Hard Liquor?

Liquors or hard liquors are fermented drinks that are further refined to get the most potent alcoholic drink. They are also called spirits, and there are six types under them and tequila is one of them.

How Many Tequila Shots Are Healthy?

Any alcoholic drink is dangerous when you drink too much, right? If you just want to savor the health benefits of tequila, then having two to three shots a day is most fine.

If you’re calorie conscious, then tequila is a good choice since it only has 60kcal per shot, while a glass of wine contains 160kcal. Likewise, the former contains agavins, which are natural sugars that give it a subtle sweet taste.

How Many Shots To Be Considered A Lightweight?

Basically, people have varying levels of tolerance, some get drunk pretty quick, others are finishing a case but they are still up for the night. How are you going to know if you’re lightweight or not?

There are two types of lightweight:

  • You are born a lightweight
  • You used to be a heavy drinker before, but now you’re a lightweight

Generally, you’re a lightweight when you cannot go over five shots of any alcoholic drinks. After your third tequila shot and then you feel tipsy, that means you’re a certified “lightweight”.

This isn’t that bad since it only means you can’t take excess alcohol in your system, which is great because too much alcohol in your blood can cause several health risks.

What Happens When You Drink Tequila Everyday?

TequilaThis alcoholic drink is produced from blue agave plant, which grows in Jalisco Highlands in the western state.

Technically, the blue agave plant is known to have health benefits, which include increased bone density, lowers blood sugar level, and a healthier colon.

However, these health benefits are gone after the fermentation process. The main health advantage when you have tequila is its low-calorie content. One fluid ounce of tequila (40% ABV) only contains 64 calories, which is lower than wine and beer.

Additionally, there are other perceived health benefits when you drink two to three tequila shots per day:

  • Reduce the risk of Diabetes
  • Ischemic stroke
  • Reduces cholesterol level that causes heart disease

How Long Does Tequila Stays Inside Your System?

After your last shot, traces of tequila can still be traced between 12 to 48 hours. There are three tests for measuring traces of alcohol in your body: urine test, breathalyzer, and hair test. Below is the approximate time that alcohol stays in your body.

  • Urine: 12-48 hours
  • Breath: 24 hours
  • Hair: 90 days

If you’re attending a weekend party and it’s finishing late, make sure not to drive under the influence to avoid car crashes, or getting arrested due to DUI.

Can Tequila Boost Your Metabolism?

TequilaThe presence of inulin for this liquor helps improve your digestion, yet you need to take a controlled number of shots to avoid getting drunk. Definitely, you can take one shot of tequila before and after eating to aid your digestion.

Can Tequila Help You Burn Fat?

Tequila and other alcoholic drinks can help reduce your cholesterol levels, but you’d have to drink moderately. Having two to three shots per day for health reasons is reasonable.

Can Tequila Poison You?

Well, if you drink too much tequila in less than two hours, then you’re likely to suffer alcohol poisoning. Your body cannot quickly digest that much alcohol in a short period, so it affects other organs in your system.

Here are some symptoms of alcohol poisoning:

  • Blackout
  • Cold clammy skin
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Depressed breathing

Are You Having Drinking Problems?

People drink for many reasons, it can be occasional, weekend parties, social gatherings, or because of life problems. Regardless of your reason, you cannot directly tell if you’re having an uncontrolled drinking pattern, so your best option is to consult a doctor or an addiction specialist.


These professionals have extensive experience, license, and training to help you with alcohol use disorder or substance abuse. Never hesitate to reach out to them since they are dedicated to helping you achieve sobriety.

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